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Irkutsk is an administrative, scientific, cultural and transport center of Irkutsk region. The city is located on the Angara and Irkut rivers at the distance of 70 km away from Baikal. The changeable and dry climate here is defined as extremely continental. Epiphany cathedral was founded in , it was the main city church where people gathered on days of celebrations and calamities. Roman-catholic church which was built in for the donations of the Roman-catholic congregations of the Russian empire. This is an example of neo-gothic style. Irkutsk catholics were mostly exiled Polish people.

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Instant Confirmation. Day Trip. Pickup Service. Group Tour. From mighty, cosmopolitan Moscow we go to the city of Yekaterinburg where the family of the last Tsar was murdered by the Bolsheviks; and then deep into the heart of the vast, mysterious land of Siberia, where the deepest lake on Earth, Baikal is located.

Abstract: The subject-matter of this article is the stylistic features of the decorations on the wooden civil architecture of the city of Irkutsk dating back to the.

Irkutsk is a city located in Eastern Siberia in Russia, the administrative center of Irkutsk Oblast, one of the largest cities in Siberia. Founded in , Irkutsk is included in the list of historical settlements of Russia. More posts.. The oldest traces of people who lived in the territory of Irkutsk are about 50 thousand years old. Settlements and burial grounds dating back to the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages were discovered on both banks of the Angara River.

The territory on the bank of the Angara River at its confluence with the Irkut River hence the name of the settlement was favorable for agriculture and cattle breeding. The waterway provided communication with the Yenisei River and Lake Baikal. In , this settlement became the center of the Irkutsk Voivodeship, which included all the fortified settlements of the Baikal region.

In , Irkutsk was given the status of a town. After the settlement of Russian-Chinese relations by the Nerchinsk treaty , trade caravans on the way to China furs, tea, sugar, fabrics began to pass through Irkutsk. In , about 1, people lived in Irkutsk. In , the town became the center of the Irkutsk Province as part of the Siberian Governorate. In , the merchant Lanin opened an ironworks.

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News Upcoming events Site map Phones Ask question. Founded in on the basis of ISU scientific research center of international programs in humanities, the Centre was registered under the current name in Researchers working in the Centre have conducted thorough studies of many unique archaeological objects.

Cultural and chronological concepts and paleo-ecological research and reconstruction are developed from the regional perspective, significant current issues are under investigation in the sphere of paleocultures that were formed and developed throughout the area of Northern Asia. Geo-archaeological scale for the second half of the Sartan Glacial Period was offered.

Irkutsk National Research Technical University is the ninth incarnation of an institution dating back to – although its website outlines a history of technical.

Geological medium and seismic process. Resources dynamics of underground waters and geoecology. Internal structure, paleogeodynamics, endogenic processes and fluid dynamics of the continental lithosphere. Long-lived connection between southern Siberia and northern Laurentia in the Proterozoic Precambrian supercontinents Nuna-Columbia 1. However, the arrangements of crustal blocks within these supercontinents are poorly known.

Huge, dominantly basaltic magmatic outpourings and intrusions, covering up to millions of square kilometres, termed Large Igneous Provinces, typically accompany super continent breakup, or attempted breakup and offer an important tool for reconstructing supercontinents. Read more on Nature Geoscience. Siberian Discovery Suggests Almost All Dinosaurs Were Feathered Almost all dinosaurs were probably covered in feathers, Siberian fossils of a tufted, two-legged running dinosaur dating from roughly million years ago suggest.

Read more on National Geographic. History photo. Svyatoy Nos Peninsula. Barguzin Valley.

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The Neolithic and Early Bronze Age prehistory of the region is known to western scholars only through a few English translations of the works of A. Since the publication of Okladnikov’s model, the region has witnessed large-scale archaeological fieldwork that has produced abundant quantities of new evidence. Moreover, the model has been partly invalidated by extensive radiocarbon dating.

Research advances over the last couple of decades have augmented the area’s previous reputation but have also revealed the need for new theoretical perspectives and modern analytical techniques. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

Set in Irkutsk in the Irkutsk region, Flat38 features a balcony. The property, housed in a building dating from , is 6 km from Irkutsk Drama Theatre.

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Irkutsk National Research Technical University is the ninth incarnation of an institution dating back to — although its website outlines a history of technical education in the city once known as the “Paris of Siberia” dating back to — but where the five changes of name before reflected the instabilities of the Stalin era, the most recent change in had much happier origins.

It was then that the Irkutsk State Technical University, so named since , won a competition to attain National Research University status. The change of name and status brought with it the challenge to become a world class research and development institution, backed by an investment of 2. Approximately 70 per cent of this investment came from the Russian state, over 10 years.

The university has been cast as the “accelerator of the modernisation of all spheres of life in East Siberia and the Far East”, moving the vast region away from an over-dependence on the extraction of raw materials. The 30, students who come from elsewhere have the option of travelling to Irkutsk by the Trans-Siberian railway, and must be capable of dealing with a fearsome climate, with several snowbound months in winter.

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The Baikal Archaeology Project(BAP) is an international team of scholars investigating Middle at the University of Alberta with Irkutsk State University being its main research partner on the Russian side. as evidenced by large numbers of formal cemeteries dating to the Early Neolithic and the Late Neolithic​–Bronze.

The Project focuses on long-term patterns of culture change in the context of dynamic interactions with the environment. The Baikal Archaeology Project was formed in the mids during the time of profound political, social, and economic changes in Russia. Since then, the Baikal Archaeology Project launched an extensive multidisciplinary investigation of Middle Holocene hunter-gatherers of the Baikal region. The research model involves both original fieldwork and the application of modern laboratory techniques to previously as well as recently excavated collections of archaeological materials.

Much of this work is facilitated by the presence of prehistoric cemeteries with well-preserved human remains — an unusual hunter-gatherer characteristic from a global perspective. Employing many advanced research methods and the integration of diverse lines of evidence generated by mortuary archaeology , zooarchaeology , radiocarbon dating , human osteology , isotope geochemistry , ancient and modern DNA research, ethnoarchaeology , and paleoclimatic and environmental studies , the project aims to achieve an improved understanding of the cultural complexity, variability, and dynamics of the long-term culture change among past boreal foragers in the Baikal region.

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